Your wedding will be a day that you will never forget. All the same, it is still great to capture all of the special moments in photographs! Every photographer will cover the same standard array of pictures, but there are some additional images that you should be sure to request.

Weddings are very busy, and your photographer will be running around like mad trying to capture every guest and every moment. This is why it is so important to give him a checklist of particular shots that you would like him to take. In the excitement of the day, even the bride is likely to forget about them!

For any bride, one of the loveliest images that can be captured are the pictures of her getting ready right before the wedding. The anticipation of what is to come makes for some very poignant moments. This is why it is nice to have your photographer on hand as you put the finishing touches onto your wedding ensemble. Some of the prettiest pre-wedding photos are of brides peeking into in the mirror for one last time before heading out to the ceremony. Another beautiful image is the reflection in the mirror of the back of the bride’s gown.

Speaking of pre-wedding photographs, here is another moment to capture: when the mother or father of the bride clasps her bridal jewelry around the bride’s neck. It is a very graceful image, and it makes an especially nice memory if the bridal jewelry was a gift from the bride’s parents. You will also want to ask your photographer to get some close up detail shots of your wedding jewelry, as well as of the newlyweds wearing their wedding bands. Don’t forget to get a good manicure!

If the bride is wearing a gown with a full skirt, I think that one of the most beautiful images is of her sitting on the floor with her gown spreading out around her. This is why I suggest to get all of your special shots in writing to your photographer before the wedding – I really wanted this image for my own wedding album, but I forgot to ask for it on the day of the wedding. Learn from my mistake, ladies.

For an outdoor wedding, make sure to have some photographs taken that show the location in all of its beauty.  Consider an outdoor pre wedding photographer, If there was one thing in particular that drew you to the site, such as a pond or a huge old oak tree, that would be a good location for some pictures of the newlyweds. In these types of pictures, it is nice to show some broader views of the couple in the landscape.

There is one more classic photograph to request, and that is one that really shows the detail of the bride’s bouquet. A close up of your beautiful wedding flowers is a picture that you will definitely want for your wedding album. It is an image that can be equally pretty taken with the bride holding the bouquet, or with the bouquet set on a table.

You only have one chance to take wedding photographs, so you want to be sure to get all of the images that will help you remember the details that made your day special. Use this checklist of unforgettable pictures to get you started, but don’t forget to add your own special requests.